A Message From The East

From the east
April, 2014

By the time you get this, I hope the cold weather has finally left us! First the St. Paddy’s Day dinner was a huge success. I’d like to personally thank all those involved. It shows what fellowship and brotherhood can accomplish. These are the ties that bind us and make the Lodge a pleasant place to be. Progress is being made on several events that will be upcoming in the next few months. A cigar night, a possible comedy night, Chinese auction, and perhaps a Lodge raffle in the fall. It will only be through your concerted efforts that this will be accomplished. We can’t afford to have a recommendation made and no one to see it through to fruition. All of this is being done to help the Lodge and your assistance is required. Remember the oaths you swore to, as we are a sacred band of Brothers. Mariners Lodge will once again be the jewel of the 20th District. I am proud and dedicated to being a member. Let us get back some of the past as we move forward.


Robert Caffyn, Worshipful Master

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