From the East

January, 2022

Greetings from the East!
Thank you. Thank you for entrusting me with the humbling honor of
being your Worshipful Master for 2022. I will do my very best to serve
you and the fraternity with honor and integrity.
It seems, for the moment that things are back to normal. We are
taking full advantage by having our stated meetings and craftsman’s
club. Our breakfast with Hiram is back and we had a very successful
breakfast with Santa. The Mariners toy drive was an absolute
homerun! To all who donated and volunteered your time unselfishly,
One of my goals (there are many) is to prepare the officers of the
lodge for their next step towards the East. While we rehearse and
practice for our degrees, I would like to put forth we expand into
advanced chairs. This will not only give our junior officers exposure to
more speaking roles, but our senior officers the confidence to lead
when called upon.
This also pertains to the “side-liners”. There are many members who
are at every meeting who may want to step up and give the apron
presentation, a working tool presentation or even a charge and
reception. This isn’t a recruiting pitch to get someone into the line, but
getting more involvement when we are initiating, passing and raising
our new brothers.
A Lodge survives when its foundations are strong and its members
are active and motivated. Every new Master Mason supports the lodge
by becoming one with the lodge and the Brethren. Active members
inspire and guarantee the longevity of the lodge.
At Mariners, we are very blessed to have many Past Masters stepping
up to help when needed, and having the answers when I don’t. I look
forward to seeing them at lodge more frequently. Their experience and
history in the lodge is indispensible.
Remember, our future depends on us. Be the Mason that teaches and
inspires new members. We are all mentors. We are all leaders. We are
all Brothers.

Walter Hargis Jr., Worshipful Master 2022

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