A Message From The East


From the east

May, 2014


As Masons, it is our responsibility to pass on the legacy of our craft to futuregenerations. We do this by holding rituals to impress upon the minds of our new brothers the truths and knowledge we hold so dear. I’ve often equated the three degrees to youth, middle age and death, only to be reborn into His light and see the wonders of our world with new eyes. Like a child, we learn new lessons every day and grow to be the men He intended us to be. He gave us all that we need, as well as free will. Free will can sometimes lead us down a path toward failure and destruction. We, as Masons, are taught to keep these imperious urges in check so that we better serve Him and our fellow man. With our summer recess fast approaching, there is still much work to be done. Attendance could be better at our meetings. So, to encourage all of you, we will be having a Hawaiian shirt night on June 9th. You must wear a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and sandals. Come to feast on a pig, get a lei, and have a great time. Remember, no Hawaiian shirt, no admittance.


Robert Caffyn, Worshipful Master

PS: I have 3 extra (new) 2 XL shirts if anyone needs one.

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