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Message from the East

Here is a preview of June’s message.


We’ve learned some new catch phrases over the past few months. Whether we agree with them or not, they have shaped how we live in these trying times.

We have not had the opportunity to meet as friends…as Brothers since March 9th, 2020. That was the last time the gavel sounded at Mariners Lodge. However, there is more to masonry than reciting ritual, wearing a hat and conducting a business meeting. We are still doing good work for our Lodge, our Brethren and the community because of those who make the choice to do something when sometimes … nothing can be done … when hope seems lost. A Brother once told me, “A Mason turns every day ordinary into extraordinary,” and that is what we set out to do.

Being away from friends and dealing with the new normal has been stressful for many. The fear of what the future holds can be taxing at times. This can be the lowest point emotionally for some. We must not forget that we have the charity of our Brothers even if it is just a reminder that they are there for you when you must be there for others.

The Apostle Paul wrote in I Thessalonians 5:19. “Don’t put out the Spirit’s fire.” Don’t let apathy caused by the current pandemic extinguish the fire and fervor in your life.

It was a chilly evening. Two Brothers were sitting before a blazing fire. Both men did not speak. They just stared at the burning embers as the flames danced around the burning logs. One Brother took the fire tongs and pulled out a brightly burning ember and set it aside all alone in the cold air, then sat back down in his chair without uttering a word.

The other Brother just watched the ember quietly … studying it. The ember began to cool and its glow diminished. There was a momentary glow and then its fire was no more. The ember had gone cold and dead.

Still nothing was said, but the one Brother must be going. He picked up the cold dead ember and placed it back in the fire. Immediately it began to glow once more with the light and warmth of the burning coals around it. Just before the Brother left, his host thanked him for his lesson.
Multiple sources – original unknown – paraphrased

We are not alone. We are one. Never forget that every single one of us is here for each other even if it is just a friendly text, call, email or social distance visit.

Our Smoker Raffle seems to be a huge success. A BIG thank you to WB Jeff “The Mini Legend” Rawley and Dave Rosen for organizing, everyone else who sold tickets and those who bailed out DB Tony so he could cover!

Cigar Night is scheduled to happen on June 13th. The event may be moved to a later date. I and the Senior Warden will communicate with WB Pete about the event.

WB Steven Metelski, Jr.,
Worshipful Master, Mariners Lodge 150 “The Roarin’ 20’s”