Thanks to all the brothers with ideas, suggestions, and feedback at Craftsman’s Club on Monday. There has been lots of activity on the site, as we continue to roll it out:

  • We’ve added the beginnings of a lodge history page! Look for this to grow in time. Thanks to Angel for providing content.
  • User registrations now require a name. They also require admin approval. Members will have access to content which unregistered users will lack.
  • Also, you’ll notice that some pages (logins and registrations are examples) require you to type a few random words. This “captcha” helps us stop automated spammers, but perhaps more importantly, every time you type a catcha, you are contributing to digitizing scans of printed books. For details on the re-Captcha program that uses your input to digitize the world’s libraries, click this link.
  • We’ve added social buttons…if you like something, you can “like” it on Facebook, or tweet it on Twitter, or +1 on Google Plus, or share it on LinkedIn. That covers all the biggies…if anyone wants a button for some other site, please let me know and I’ll see what we can do.
  • HUGE thanks to Shean, who has been tirelessly working on improving the site, especially with content and graphics. If it’s on here and it’s good (and especially if it looks good) it’s probably due to Shean’s work.

There’s a bunch more stuff going on under the covers (automating backups, spam-fighting tools, traffic statistics, etc) as well. That’s the latest. Thanks for visiting, keep the great ideas flowing, and we’ll see you in lodge!

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