A Message From The East

When I first became a Mason and went to my first couple of meetings, I was impressed with the fact that during the meetings there were many discussions with many different opinions. At first it seemed as if there was a lot of disharmony and unfriendliness in the lodge but I soon realized that as soon as a vote was taken or the discussion ended all the disharmony seemed to disappear. I was impressed by the fact that from that point it seemed that everyone came together. The respect shown was what impressed me. The respect that Masons had for each other was what I was looking for in an organization. We must keep this “respect” for each other. This “respect” is what makes our fraternity a step above others.

However, it seems that some are losing the way and do not respect others when they disagree. We are not always going to agree with each other. It is only natural that when so many people get together there will be many different opinions. However, we must remember the importance of respecting each other. Instead of talking about someone (especially behind his back which we promise not to do in the Master Mason obligation) because you do not agree with them, the best and most Masonic thing to do would be to talk to that person either one on one or ask a neutral person to mediate to settle any differences.

Many of our disagreements would not escalate if we just communicated with each other in a calm and respectful manner. If you hear a brother being disrespectful to anyone, remind him of the following charge he is given during the closings of the Lodge. “Remember that you have promised to remind an erring brother of his failings, to aid in his reformation, to vindicate his character when traduced, and to suggest, in his behalf, the most charitable judgment”.

Stephen Ruch, Worshipful Master

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