A Message from the East

Greetings Brothers,
Many past masters told me , prior to December, how fast my year would go by. As I am writing this message, it’s almost March, and I don’t know where February went. It’s been busy to say the least. Two of my favorite symbols of our craft are the Beehive and the Hourglass. It’s very easy these days to get caught up in our busy lives. I, for one, use these symbols to stay focused, and remember we are made to be active and social creatures. Don’t become another drone in the hive while those little particles slide through their little container.

I had the opportunity this month to visit with a long time mason (raised in 1955). We had a quick chat, but what I really took from our visit was the immense pride that he has of being a Mason. He proceeded to pull out a folder full of everything masonic of his through the years – papers, certificates, etc. I have much love and pride in our institution, and to see that we are following in the footsteps of some fantastic men is a good feeling. On another note, that visit also brought some sincere happiness to his daughter, who is caring for him. To see that a quick visit can really mean so much to a family is a true lesson. I really encourage all of you to keep in touch with our brothers, and if you haven’t seen anyone for a while, check in with them. I know you will get a good feeling in your heart to make someone happy!

There are two big events in March, the first being the Reception for this year’s 20th District Grand Officers, including our own Robert Shields, on March 8th at Sea Oaks. For information or tickets see me or WB Harper. Also, we have our big St. Patrick’s Dinner on March 10th at the Lodge. For information or tickets see me or SW Mitchell.

This month’s “Freemasons in History” Davy Crockett:
“The King of the Wild Frontier” was a folk hero and a politician, but also a freemason. It was while he was serving in Washington that he became a Mason, and when he left to explore Texas he gave his masonic apron to the Weakly Lodge in Tennessee, where it still remains. His idea was to settle in Texas and move his family there, but sadly, that never happened. While he was there was a surprise attack by Mexican soldiers and so the Battle of the Alamo began. When the battle was over, and the Mexicans had taken the fort, Crockett was discovered among the dead. On March 6, 1775, Prince Hall and fourteen other free Negroes of Boston were made Master Masons in an Army lodge attached to one of General Gage’s regiments.

Sincerely and fraternally,
WM Peter Rahtjen