A Message From the East


Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year brethren! I hope you are all enjoying the holidays with family, brothers, and friends. I am both honored and excited to have been elected as Worshipful Master of Mariners Lodge. I am looking forward to working with you all, serving Freemasonry, and making good men better men.
I’d like take this opportunity to again congratulate WB Doug Harper for a fantastic year in the East. I truly enjoyed working with Doug, and I am looking forward to his help and wisdom as we progress through the 2018 masonic year. We will be holding some fun events this year, including the popular St. Patrick’s Day dinner, Ashes in the Alley, and Pirate’s Day, just to name a few. I also hope to try some fun new events, so stay tuned.
When I started to learn about our fraternity, before I petitioned for membership, I hoped that Masonry was something that not only I could enjoy, but my family as well, so I plan to put together some activities that are family friendly too; I hope to see you all there.

We have an upcoming event run by the 20th Masonic District, which will be a roast of the outcoming Masters, and should be a blast!

January 12th will be the roast, and it’s open to Masons and their significant others. See me for tickets.

Finally brothers, while I would love to see you all on the sidelines at meetings, I encourage you to be a Mason every day, call and check in on a brother you haven’t seen in a while, do something good for one reason – that it feels good in your heart.

Notable Freemasons: Henry Ford
Ford revolutionized mass production of cars with the Model T, giving his name to the process, known as “Fordism”. Fordism was about more than making cars quickly, it was also about giving workers rights and wages that they never had before. With his $5 workday, he improved conditions radically and forced competitors to do the same.

Fraternally and Sincerely,
WM Peter Rahtjen