A Message From The east


In the most special of months I remind you of to honor those who sacrificed everything that we may live in a free country. This coming Memorial Day is more than a day to cook out and enjoy the nice weather. Without the sacrifice of our fallen brothers and sisters we would not have the freedom nor treasure that we enjoy so much. I also remind you to remember she who gave you life on Mother’s Day. I borrow from the Order of DeMolay Flower talk:

You may have risen to positions of great influence in commercial, political, or professional life, but you can never reach the heights of your mother’s secret hopes for you. You may sink into the lowest depths of infamy or degradation but never below
the reach of her love. The memory of it will always stir your heart. There is no man so entirely base, so completely vile, so utterly low that he does not hold in his heart a shrine sacred and apart for the memory of his mother’s love.

Whether she is with you or if she has passed on memories of her love will always be with you and will always be a guiding light for you. On that special day dedicated to her please think of your mother and, if she is still with you, call her, take her to (or make her) dinner. Send flowers. Whatever you do she will be thrilled that you thought of her on her special day. If she has
passed on, please remember her on this day. She will know.

“Few delights can equal the mere presence of one we can trust utterly.”
– Brother George MacDonald

Fraternally and Sincerely,
Doug Harper,WM 2017