A Message From The East

From the east
I would like to thank you for trusting me with the care of the Lodge for the coming year. I would also like to thank the officers and committees who are serving for the year. As we once again begin the cycle of life the days become longer and each day more light shines upon us. Let us use this light wisely and productively. We have much work planned for the year. The designs upon the trestleboard include degrees as needed, most likely monthly. When we are not making masons I plan to have programs that are educational and, I hope, interesting. The intended program will be published in the trestleboard each month and I hope to see you all frequently. Last summer I had the opportunity to meet with the Mayor of Barnegat, and Mariners Lodge is recognized as the largest charitable institution in the town. Over the last several years Mariners Lodge has been actively contributing to help those in need in the area. We have an active donation program to the Barnegat Food Bank and we run a Christmas gift program that has increased each year since its inception. We have also established a discretionary fund for the Master to donate to a needy family. I hope we can all continue to support these worthy programs.
“I ask of each Mason, of each member, of each brother, that he shall remember ever that there is upon him a peculiar obligation to show himself in every respect a good citizen;for after all, the way he can best do his duty by the ancient order to which he belongs is by reflecting credit upon that order by the way in which he performs his duty as a citizen of the United States.”
– Brother Theodore Roosevelt
Fraternally and Sincerely,
Doug Harper, WM 2017