A Message From The East

From the east



Four Things

Four things a man must learn to do

if he would make his record true:

to think without confusion clearly;

to love his fellow-man sincerely;

to act from honest motives purely;

to trust in God

and Heaven securely.

  • Henry Van Dyke

Surely Freemasons satisfy the four things required by the poet to maintain a true record as evidenced by your progress through the three masonic degrees. On your first entry into the Lodge you professed your trust in God. This trust was further emphasized in the Charge and Reception Address, and you were charged to be true to yourself and exercise the Golden Rule. The Fellowcraft and Master Mason Degrees continued to stress the duties you owe to God, your neighbor, and yourself. If you follow these precepts, you can not materially err.


Gregory J. Stevens,WM 2016