A Message From The East

From the east
Members come to Masonry for many reasons. Because of a relative, because of a friend, because of fellowship, because of curiosity, or maybe because they think they will get ahead. The reason we join is irrelevant. After joining, we found men who treated us with brotherly love. This, in turn, relieved the stress of the day. It also gave us a feeling of self worth and helped us see the true meaning of Freemasonry. The fast movement of everyday life causes a lot of changes in our life styles. We move from one situation to another at such a speed that, most of the time, we seldom see the conclusion of one problem before another one comes. Except if it doesn’t turn out right, then we hear every detail of what went wrong. That is where freemasonry comes in. We come to Lodge to meet new and old friends that demand nothing from us. Thus we demand nothing from our brethren. We teach and are taught a more even way to live and cope with problems. We learn that all that matters is within ourselves. We learn through watching others that a better way to do anything is through Love, Understanding, and Trust. As we speed on through the world, we come to Lodge for a little bit of peace and understanding, we come to slow down, we come because this is: Where the Fast Lane Ends
Gregory J. Stevens, Worshipful Master 2016

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