Pirate’s Day

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Pirate’s Day is an annual festival sponsored by ┬áBarnegat Recreation, Barnegat Chamber of Commerce, and Ocean County Tourism. It is a day long event full of great food and wonderful entertainment for the whole family. There are concerts, crafts, food vendors, and, of course, PIRATES.


As part of the yearly festivities, Mariners Lodge #150 F&AM has an awesome vendor tent where we sell our famous sausage and pepper sandwiches. There are a variety of options and visitors are welcome to choose from a range of sweet to hot sausages and several different toppings. For those who are fans of the good old american Hot Dog instead, the Sisters of Bethlehem Chapter #40 OES also sell these right underneath the same tent.



Open Housesmall

Once you have have your food our guests are welcome to an added treat as they are welcomed to enter the lodge building and enjoy their snacks in the comfort of our air conditioned collation room. The visit to Mariners Lodge on Pirate’s day is not complete, however, without a tour of the lodge. Many people mistakenly think that Freemasons are so secretive that they will never tell you about themselves nor let you see their lodges. In fact masons are always happy to talk about the fraternity and the Brothers of Mariners are particularly proud of our building.



Not only do we sell fantastic food on Pirate’s Day, but it is also our annual open house. Everyone is welcome to come in and tour the building. Knowledgeable members of the lodge and our appendant organizations are available throughout the day to discuss the history of the fraternity and our community activities.








This is one of our biggest days and we love having the opportunity to welcome the community into our home. So if you plan on hitting downtown Barnegat on September 10th, please stop by, grab a sandwich, cool yourself off in our building and learn a little bit about what we do.






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