Message from the East

I did not really know John Kaiser like some of you did.
We talked and exchanged pleasantries, but never got
into discussions about life where you really get to know
someone. He always complimented me on my work or
how I carried myself. He always told me, “You’re going
to be a good master, Steve.” I hope I can live up to his
expectations. He was a central piece to our Lodge. He
transcended all adversity and was loved by everyone.
He never had anything bad to say about something and
always had something good to say about everyone.
His seat was occupied by Bro. Robert Golomb for our
Master Mason degree in November. He did a fantastic
job. John would have been proud to witness his
performance. John’s seat was vacant for our meeting in
December. It has been vacant before, but this time the
silence meant something different. We all noticed it, but
no one openly acknowledged it. It was just something
that was understood. John, you will be missed…
“You are not better than anybody else. You just
might be luckier…”
This is the one piece of advice my future father-in-law
Michael Hogan gave me when I first met him when I
was 17. He gave me a lot of advice, but this is one
piece of advice that stuck with me and shaped how I
live my life.
Mariners Lodge is committed to helping those less
fortunate than us. Especially in times where family is
missed the most, or that time with family can be made
that much better. An Easter food drive is currently
underway to provide food for the needy. Our normal
events are being scheduled and we plan to add others
to ensure Mariners is in the background while keeping
our good work in the foreground.
Degrees are scheduled for the second meeting in
January (EA), February (FC), and March (MM). Come on
out and support our new brethren. Educational and fun
programs will also be offered.
Worshipful Brother Mitchell and those before him have
kept Mariners strong. I hope to continue their tradition
by providing cohesion with the officers, communication
with Past Masters and serving the brethren.
I would like to thank the Past Masters for the advice I
have received and am about to receive, my officers for
being there even when I felt I was asking too much of
them and the brethren as a whole for electing me as
Master of Mariners Lodge
“You are not better than anyone else. You might just
be luckier…”

I am very lucky to be your Worshipful Master

Fraternally and respectfully,
Worshipful Master Steven Metelski Jr.

Upcoming Events ~ Mark your Calendar!

October 28 th – Regular Meeting
November 4 th – Craftsman’s club
November 10 th – Past Masters Brunch – 10am
November 11 th – Regular Meeting, Elections, FC Proficiencies
November 13 th – Rehearsal for MM Degree
November 17 th – Rehearsal for MM Degree
November 18 th – DLI – Mariners – QUALIFICATIONS
November 20 th – Rehearsal for MM Degree
November 24 th – Rehearsal for MM Degree
November 25 th – Regular Meeting, MM Degree (Bank, Cruetz, Chiapetta, Wolfschmidt) – Qualification of
incoming WM (PM’s only)
December 2 nd – Craftsmans Club
December 7 th – Installation of officers 1pm
December 9 th – Annual Communication
December 21 st – Breakfast with Santa 8am

A Message from the East

Master’s Message March 2019

March is upon us, and the inevitable progress towards spring reminds us of all the great times ahead of us. As I look at the near future I see a Game Night at the Lodge (March 9th 7:00 PM) and our ever popular Ballroom  Dancing fundraiser (April 13th), benefiting Mariners scholarship fund.

              Also March brings us to our annual St. Patrick’s day celebration on March 16th; that annual festival of bagpipes, dancers, corned beef, cabbage, and fellowship that brings us, our families, and friends closer every year..  

            Regardless of our ages, March and April remind us of the rebirth of Spring, and should encourage each and every one of us to reach out, reengage with our families and friends, and look for opportunities to be of service to our fellow man.

And in honor of March I chose again to turn to Bro. Carl Claudy, for his musing on Brotherly Love:

Brotherly love is not a tangible commodity. We cannot touch it or weigh it, smell it or taste it. Yet it is a reality; it can be creative, it can be fostered, it can be made a dynamic power. The Master who has it in his Lodge and his brethren will find that Lodge and brethren give it back to him. The Master too worried over the cares of his office to express friendliness need never wonder why his Lodge seems too cold to his effort.


Sincerely & Fraternally,

W.M. Joseph Mitchell

Craftsmans Club

2019 Craftsman’s Club
Meets every first Monday of the Month

(Except holidays. Labor Day meets the first Tuesday of the Month.)
Calendar Drawing starts at 6:00 PM
Dinner Served at 6:30 PM
Meetings: 7:30 PM ~ 9:00 PM

This is an open event for all men, Masons and non-Masons alike. It is a no-pressure atmosphere if you just want to come in and ask some questions. We will be happy to extend our home to feel like your home for the time you are with us. The dress is casual and the food is excellent. No appointment is necessary and there is no charge to visit. Any Brother will be happy to assist you if you plan on stopping by.